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What You Should Know About Using Fire Glass

When shopping for some fire glass for your fireplace, you will realize that these products come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Ideally, use of fire glass comes with many benefits and conveniences. The good thing about having a fire glass is that it does not emit any toxic fumes and it is also durable. There are different types of fire glass designs and over 30 colors of fire glass. Besides their mode of manufacture, most of them are classified according to their color and size.

Main types of fire glass

Reflective fire glass

If you need a dynamic flame, the reflective fire glasses wadcaedwdwdwmight be all you need. These type of glass is useful when it comes to amplifying the intensity of the light produced by the flame. During the day, the glass remains shiny and attractive when light rays hit its surface.

Accent fire glass

This type of glass is mainly used to inject and an extra burst of fire to your fireplace. They are usually placed on top of the regular glass. It has the effect of producing an attractive and dynamic look at a lower price. Moreover, you can mix and match different color options to come up with a custom look.

Fire glass size options

Small fire glass

A fire glass is considered to be small if it has an average size of 1/4-inches. The good thing about small sized fire glass is that it allows light to flow around it creating a beautiful liquid look. At times, small sized fire glass can be used a filler. On the other hand, you have the option of sticking to one color or combine different colors for a custom look.

Medium fire glass

waedsfdcqawMedium fire glass is also known as the half-inch fire glass. This size is ideal for fire glass displays. In most instances, it is used by itself or might be used as a cover for small fire glass. Unlike small sized fire glass that often looks fragile when used in large fire pits, the medium size looks amazing.

Large fire glass

These type of fire glass ranges from 1 – 2 inches. They might be used alone, or you might consider using them with other sizes. The only undoing with these type of fire glass is that it does not hold the flame below it as smaller glasses do. This has the benefit of producing a stable flame. If you not overly concerned with the stability of the flame, you can always use it together with some smaller sizes.